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About Lisa Benesh

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My mantra: Choose your thoughts. Choose your life.


I am a Life Coach and Health Educator. The Health Educator part is pretty cut and dry – Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education, Psychology, and Nutrition.

The Life Coach part is more creative –

I have always known that my intuition is only accurate 100% of the time (Oh, and so is yours). My intuition told me to study psychology. The typical psychology courses taught in Universities when I was in college were pathology- based. This was very informative; but mostly useful in treating mental illness.

I was not interested in illness; I was interested in optimal wellness. So in addition to my academic studies in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology – I studied Positive Psychology through Personal Development and Self Help books, seminars, and retreats.

I wanted to know how the minds of optimistic, happy, and resilient people worked. Rather than knowing how to bring a person from a state of Depression to a state of Average; I wanted to coach well- functioning people to go from “status quo” to “Lovin’ Life”!

Through my travels of seminars and retreats I landed in Sedona, Arizona and was referred to a Life Coaching program with Dr. Martha Beck. You may have heard of her- She writes a column for O magazine, and is often referred to as “Oprah’s Life Coach”. I was thrilled to train with her and completed my formal Life Coach Training in 2009.

Along with Martha Beck; I have trained with Geneen Roth- author of Women Food and God, Hal Dwoskin – certified instructor of The Sedona Method, Brian Buffini- Personal Development Coach, and Byron Katie-creator of The Work.

My coaching methods are additionally influenced by Shawn Achor – Happiness instructor at Harvard University, Brooke Castillo –Master Certified Weight Coach, and Eckhart Tolle.

I am Founder of Next Level Coaching. Friend. Laugher. Believer.
Mind Manager Coach. Mother. Wife. And Weight Loss Coach.

…That is what my practice is all about – me living authentically. I believe that we all want more awareness of ourselves and we are driven to live what we know to be true within us. Which is ultimately what I want for my coaching clients. A journey to happiness through striving towards their potential.