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Ideal Weight Coaching

Ideal weight is your natural state....

Reach THINNER PEACE for Life

  • Tired of losing the same 20, 30, 50, 100 pounds over and over?
  • Do you have a variety of sizes in your closet?
  • Do you restrict your social activities around what size you are (or will be..) at the time?


Achieve balance with your ideal weight and remain there for life.

Next Level Coaching provides clients with education and tools to overcome obstacles and create desired results.

Specializing in attaining and maintaining Ideal Weight through the us of simple and effective tools that develop thoughts, behaviors, and a sense of self that facilitate weight loss and most importantly…ideal weight.



Program Description:


We were all born with the programming for living our lives at a healthy weight.  We possess natural, innate tools to help us navigate in the world with optimal results. Listening to our bodies and using the perfect tools we were born with will allow us to achieve and maintain ideal weight.  You were born with everything you need to have the ideal life/weight.

Awareness is KEY – physical and mental

I incorporate some of my own life experience in the program. I know how hard it can be to try like heck to avoid that bag of chips; but that bag of chips can also be the greatest teacher to access information about ourselves and our eating behavior (that could not have been reached without them.)

Here are a few examples of Tools I teach my clients to use and the philosophy behind their effectiveness:

The Body Compass:

Clients will become aware of their physical cues from sensations in their bodies – Rebuilding the connections to their physical body.

  • Through reacquainting with their intuitive sensations they gain access to useful directions on eating and exercise.
  • Through the use of their natural guidance system they will move toward their Ideal Weight

The Hunger Scale

Clients will learn to be aware of their “physical” hunger and specifically what it feels like in their body. Clients will learn to identify physical hunger and the need for food using the Hunger Scale. Using the Hunger Scale instead of external cues helps concretely identify the physical sensations associated with specific stages of hunger and fullness so participants can truly know when to eat and when to stop.  The body is the expert!

  • The desire to eat coming from “emotional hunger” will be identified when participants truly feel the sensations coming from the body. Hunger vs. Desire to Eat.
  • The Hunger Scale ranges from -10 to +10. Negative 10 represents totally starving. I call that, “Honey, pull over and get me a Snickers bar NOW” hungry. Plus 10 represents being stuffed to the gills. I call that, “Oooh, I just had thirds of Thanksgiving dinner and tried all the desserts to boot” full. Zero would be neither hungry nor full.

Famine Brain

  • Clients will learn how the anticipation of hunger increases desire to overeat.
  • Clients will understand their defense mechanism that wards off the unhealthy state of starvation.
  • Clients will learn how to structure their meal plans to ward off Famine Brain.