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I have been working for so many years to obtain a healthy relationship with food and eating and nothing ever clicked. That is, until I met Lisa Benesh at a health fair. I started working w/ her and I can honestly say I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and what a wonderful difference I am experiencing in my life. I feel ALIVE! I feel I can trust my body to let me know what I need to do. I feel I can feel what I am feeling and it doesn’t destroy me. I now have the tools to use when different challenges come into my life. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is suffering with an eating or weight issue. I have obtained peace with my body and my feelings around food. I am so grateful I hired Lisa Benesh as my Life Coach!

Coaching Client – Claire, Victor, NY

I thought it was just about losing weight! I was wrong! Life Coach Lisa Benesh used a variety of tools and techniques to assist me in achieving an understanding of what was sabotaging my success in attaining my IDEAL weight! I am free from so much suffering around food now. I continue to enjoy but not hurt myself with food.

Coaching Client – Ester M. – Greece NY

Lisa helped me deal with a life changing event that had me really stuck in the thought of being a victim. She worked with me to figure out what was real – and deal with it; and what was not and dissolve those thoughts and beliefs. I actually am grateful for the unintentional change in job status that pushed me towards a better career.

Coaching Client – David – Fairport NY

I really understand what emotional eating is after taking one of Lisa’s workshops. Why I was treating an emotional desire with food! I am grateful to model for my children a different approach to stress and eating. Thank you Lisa!

Michelle – Workshop Client – Webster NY