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“The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.”
― Robin S. Sharma


Most of us have learned to live a short distance from our bodies. We distance ourselves from our bodies in order to conform to what society wants us to do. Workshop Participants will learn the Body Compass Tool. It is a tool that teaches you to recognize your body signals and point you towards your true desires. Your sensations from your body are always truthful. The body communicates in Sensations not language. The mind communicates in language. Language can lie, sensations cannot. The body never lies because it does not know how to!  As you become more comfortable interacting with your body and listening to the somatic signals it sends you, you will learn what activities truly bring you joy. Not what you should do – but what your essential self truly wants to do. As a result of more joy and better communication with the one item you rarely misplace – YOUR BODY – you will reduce unwanted emotions and rebuild your relationship with your body.

COST: $30.00
DATE: Saturday November 21st
TIME: 10am -12 Noon
PLACE: Next Level Coaching
Eastside Wellness Center
625 Ayrault Rd
Fairport, NY 14450

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